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Lancaster County may be known for the simple lives of its inhabitants yet the area is rich in culture and design. Indeed, the intricate patterns of a Scherenschnitte and the highly decorated Pennsylvania Dutch pottery are items many Lancaster visitors are eager to see. So, before you go, here are a few folk art designs to look out for and where to find them.

Pennsylvania German Redware Pottery

Redware pottery was common among the colonies in the 18th century and is still created by Lancaster’s inhabitants today. As the name implies, the pottery is created from red clay. Pennsylvania Dutch folk art uses local Lancaster County clay for two types of redware pottery. The first is basic functional pottery meant for daily use in the kitchen – this includes jugs, plates, bowls and the like. The second type shows off local folk art designs and is meant for decorative purposes. Local artists will create decorative slipware by glazing the pottery and etching designs into the glaze. Designs can include birds, flowers, abstract waves, words, or drawings to commemorate a special occasion.

The Lacy Folk Art Design of Scherenschnitte

Scherenschnitte means “scissor cutting” in German and involves cutting paper into intricate lacy patterns. The patterns are often used to decorate birth or marriage certificates but many artists create this paper folk art simply for its beauty. Simply by cutting paper, the Pennsylvania Dutch can create intricate scenes and landscapes.

Hexes on Pennsylvania Dutch Barns

A visitor traveling around Lancaster County may see brightly colored signs decorating Lancaster County’s barns and homes. These designs are called hex signs and often portray birds called distelfinks, stars, circles, and rosettes. Although the history behind the hex signs is murky, today many believe that hex signs can bring good luck. Particular shapes and colors also have their own meaning. Hearts are for love, tulips for faith, and birds will bring happiness.

Lancaster County, PA is a very interesting and relaxing place to visit. It’s full of history and European culture brought over hundreds of years ago. If you would like to learn about Lancaster County and read more on this subject, visit http://lancastercountyvacations.com/amish-where-did-they-come-from/ for history, and http://lancastercountyvacations.com for details on places to visit and stay.

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Are there any good Amish strip bars in Lancaster County? I am going there on a business trip.?

Just watch out for the buggy whips! And you thought they were for driving…..

High Quality For A Bargain – Wholesale Amish Furniture

Your home is where you live, where you entertain, where you spend time with your family and where you relax. It’s important that you be surrounded by creature comforts that are pleasing to your eye while also being comfortable and functional in your home. Wholesale Amish furniture offers all of these things to your home, coupled with the long-standing reputation of quality and uniqueness that only the Amish bring to their craftsmanship.

Throughout the country, there are several wholesale Amish furniture retailers where you can shop through literally hundreds of pieces that would have a place in your home. Originating in the Amish regions on Pennsylvania near Lancaster, Amish furniture comes in a variety of designs and stains, as well as multiple types of hardwood. Made from red oak, cherry, maple, quarter sawn white oak, hickory and brown maple, these pieces are not only beautiful additions to your home but will become family heirlooms for generations to come.

In a wholesale Amish furniture shop you will be able to peruse, by room type or style of furniture pieces like hutches, dining room tables and dining sets, roll-top desks, rocking chairs and shelves. Each piece is built 100% by hand, under meticulous scrutiny with perfection the ultimate goal.

Many times, wholesalers are located near each other. It’s an easy prospect to head up to Amish country and make a weekend out of shopping the Amish furniture wholesale stores. It’s even possible to find gifts in these shops. A solid oak napkin holder that would go perfectly in your mother’s kitchen would be easy to find, as would a child-size table and chair set that any child would be delighted to receive from an aunt or

Take your time when perusing the shops to compare prices. Sometimes, local wholesalers are owned by the same family, but occasionally, they’re owned by separate families and the prices may be indicative of the different owners. Occasionally, there are bargain deals available in the wholesale Amish furniture shops when you purchase a certain amount of merchandise. With a little planning and a good eye for available deals, you can enjoy the quality of an Amish accent for your home and save a good deal in the bargain.

By: Amanda Fern

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Looking for a place to stay in Lancaster? Try the Lancaster Sleep Inn & Suites – AAA 3 Star Rating, easy access to " Lancaster County Goodness!"

Staying in Lancaster for extended amount of time? Need a room with a Kitchen? Visit the MainStay Suites-Lancaster PA Extended Stay Hotel.

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